Thiết bị Switch 24 Port 1Gb Edgecore ECS2000-26P, PoE+ + 2G SFP (190W) Thiết bị Switch 24 Port 1Gb Edgecore ECS2000-26P,  PoE+ + 2G SFP (190W) Thiết bị Switch 24 Port 1Gb Edgecore ECS2000-26P,  PoE+ + 2G SFP (190W) ECS2000-26P
  • Thiết bị Switch 24 Port 1Gb Edgecore ECS2000-26P, PoE+ + 2G SFP (190W)

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  • Mã sản phẩm: ECS2000-26P
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Thiết bị Switch 24 Port 1Gb Edgecore ECS2000-26P,  PoE+ + 2G SFP (190W)

The EdgeCore ECS2000 series, Layer 2 managed switches enable networks of all sizes to introduce Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop with management features targeted to meet the needs of the SMB network. They are packed with features and are a cost-effective solution that brings continuous availability, QoS priority queuing with classification, and prioritization at Layer 2.
They deliver wire-speed switching performance on all ports connecting end stations to the corporate network. There are two SFP ports for Gigabit Ethernet fiber uplink flexibility. Optional Gigabit Ethernet SFP transceivers can be installed for various fiber uplink distances.
An embedded user-friendly web interface helps users quickly and simply configure switches. SNMP v1/v2 are supported for management from a network management station. Telnet and SSH provide a safe and easy way for network administrators to manage the switch.
This Edge-Core switch also supports management functions through both IPv4 and IPv6.
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm: 44 x 35 x 4.45 
Product specifications:
General Features:
Description 24 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 PoE ports; 2 GE SFP slots
PoE Features:
802.3af and 802.3at PoE 
Max. Power Output Per Port : 30W
PoE Power Budget : 190W
Power Management : Power On/Off per Port 
L2 Features:
Flow Control 
IGMP Snooping v1 | v2 | v3
Immediate Leave 
Jumbo Frame 
Link Aggregation : IEEE 802.3ad with LACP (Dynamic)
Spanning Tree : IEEE 802.1D (STP) | IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) | Auto Edge Port
Storm Control Broadcast | Multicast | Un-known Unicast
VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tagged Based | Private VLAN | Port Based | Voice VLAN
VLAN Group : 4K
QoS Features:
CoS IEEE 802.1p | IP Precedence | DSCP | TCP/UDP | ACL
H/W Queues : 8
Priority Queue Scheduling WRR | Strict Priority | Hybrid
Rate Limiting Ingress | Egress
Security Features:
ACL L2/L3/L4 
HTTP and SSL (Secured Web) 
IEEE 802.1x Port-based | MAC-based | VLAN Assignment | Guest VLAN | QoS assignment
IP Source Guard 
MAC Filter 
Port Security (MAC Based) Static | Dynamic
RADIUS (RFC2138) Authentication | Accounting
SSH v1.5/ v2.0 (Secured Telnet Session) Yes
TACACS+ Accounting
Username/Password Authentication Local | Remote
Management Features
Cable Diagnostic 
DHCP Client | Relay | Option 82 | Snooping
DNS Client | Proxy
Event/ Error Log Local Flash | Remote Server via System Log (RFC3164)
Loop Detection 
Port Mirroring One to One | One to Many
RMON RMON I (1,2,3 & 9 groups)
SNMP (Agent) v1 | v2c | v3
Software Download / Upgrade HTTP
Telnet (RFC854) 
Web Based Management 
Web Interface 
IPv6 Features:
IPv6 Address Types Unicast
IPv6 Management SNMP over IPv6 | Remote IPv6 Ping | HTTP over IPv6 | DHCP IPv6
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery 
Stateless Auto-configuration

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